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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"An Interesting Parallel"

By: Timothy C. Jones

The new and exciting theory of Everett’s “Many Worlds Interpretation,” is gaining much ground in today’s quantum physics. From the “Big Bang” theory to “String Theory,” it all seems perplexing to the average person. The theory of “Many Worlds” is really not that difficult to understand if you are willing to be open-minded and “tune-in.”

The popular website, “How Stuff Works,” describes the “Many Worlds Interpretation,” as being an explanation of “Many Worlds” with a theory based on quantum mechanics and “that it undermines our concept of time as linear.” How could time not be linear? One might argue against it, but “Many Worlds” would interpret it differently, and to some, the result would be “disturbing,” says Josh Clark, author of “Do Parallel Universes Really Exist?”

According to “How Stuff Works,” Josh Clark writes: “a measurement taken of a quantum object causes an actual split in the universe.” This statement is very intriguing in regard to quantum mechanics further explained by the article’s author. Clark’s article which deals with the explanation Everett gives is that: “The universe is literally duplicated, splitting into one universe for each possible outcome from the measurement.” Daunting, isn’t it? Not really, if you think about the universe as being “fluid” instead of “rigid.”

It all devolves down to measurements of quantum objects. Think of a quantum object as a particle of light or wave of light. Ok, which one is it? Actually, it can be both, but not at the same time. And this is where it gets interesting. Say that, a scientist decides to measure this object. How does he do it if the object is both? He can’t. Then, the universe does something really interesting, says Josh Clark, which details Everett’s theory of “Many Worlds interpretation.” And when: “a scientist in one universe finds that the object has been measured in wave form,” thus the other scientist, in a parallel universe, you guessed it, “measures the object as a particle.”

Now here is where the “disturbing” part comes in and for most is the most distasteful part of the theory, but this could also explain “déjà vu” or “sudden insight.” This is delving into the “real depths of the unknowns,” but is fascinating to say the least. Ok, ready for the “blood and guts?” Here goes. “How Stuff Works,” Josh Clark illustrates the distasteful reality of the theory by supposing: “if you have ever found yourself in a situation where death was a possible outcome, then in a universe parallel to ours, you are dead,” but could be a reason why some people seem to possess “hidden insight” about events real or unreal in our own universe? Or is it our own “parallel” universe? Anyway, you get the picture.

“Shudder at the thought,” “A possum ran over my grave,” “To think it is to do it,” or “A stitch in time saves nine,” could be real-world “layman-think” which appear to support a theory that seems to have “rebooted” itself into popular and sometime, not-so-popular main-stream evidence of “How Stuff Works,” especially in J.J. Abrams’ new “Star Trek Movie” reboot and also in Everett’s theory of “Many Worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Now, I just wonder how many “me’s” are clicking the “say-it” button on all of those “TrekMovie” web-sites out there posting alternate versions of this article? There is no telling how many, but if I know my Spock Primes or the many times I have error-corrected this article and E-Mailed it to Anthony, I dare say that “they” are driving a multitude of “alternate” Anthony Pascales crazy!

Source: Clark, Josh. “Do Parallel Universes Really Exist?” How Stuff Works. July 8, 2009. http://science.howstuffworks.com/parallel-universe2.htm

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A New Era In Star Trek and Filmmaking

Since watching the new Star Trek Movie on Thursday, I have been crunching the numbers trying to gauge the effect and have come to this conclusion.  It is a bold new era which has been needed for some time now.  Here goes...

The characters are solid in their continuity, in the new time-line. That is the genius of great writers. They successfully integrated story, a reboot, and widened Trek from 1960’s geekdom into very cool and most excellent storytelling in today’s new media. I think JJ and company have shut the door on the ongoing new media paradigm shift while raising the bar for succeeding films.

and also marks the return of fantastic Hollywood EPIC film and moviemaking.

I think Gene would understand just exactly what JJ has accomplished. I can see it even if the world needs time to realize just exactly what has just happened.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Theater Chains To Sell Early Star Trek Tickets

Theater Chains To Sell Early Star Trek Tickets - See Links Below:

Announced April 17, 2009, some of the country’s top theaters
are offering early show ticket sales of J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek,” a Bad Robot production, presented by Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment.

May 7, marks a very notable day for evening performances of the film
which debuts globally on May 8, 2009. AMC Theaters, National Amusements,
Pacific/ArcLight, Regal Entertainment Group, and others, will be offering
tickets for purchase on April 17, with additional theatres to be included next week.

Tickets are now available for purchase online through the following links:


Fandango - The IMAX Experience


Movietickets - The IMAX Experience

Get Yours Today!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Star Trek Phaser App launched into iTunes App Store

Check out the new Star Trek Phaser app which just launched in the iTunes app store. It's completly free!

Turn your device into the ultimate weapon a Star Trek Phaser.

Set to Stun or Kill mode and fire away, blasting your enemies with authentic Phaser sound effects from the new film.

A full screen 3D view ensures accuracy and power, and helps take your skills to the next level in Gaming mode.

Challenge the world in 1 Player mode and post your high score to the Leaderboard. Go Wi-Fi in 2 Player and battle your friends in real time.

The Phaser also comes with an arsenal of videos, including the latest trailers and images from the new Star Trek movie.

Download now through the iTunes App Store:


Friday, April 3, 2009

Star Trek Movie Updates

Star Trek Movie Updates
TrekMovie.com reports, "The official site for the new Star Trek Movie ( startrekmovie.com) has a very cool set of updates today you should check out," and indeed, you should.  There are many new items that the typical "Trek Fan" would not live without plus features which would excite even non-fans.  This movie is just that good.
From a webmaster's perspective, it is sheer delight to see the publicity surrounding the upcoming movie and it bodes well for the franchise to have this much media exposure.  TrekMovie.com reflects that "One important piece of news on the update of the offical movie site today is that the film now has an MPAA rating of PG-13. This is no surprise as the filmmakers had previously said many times this was the target."  I agree, May 8, 2009 release of the movie, is fast approaching in the forward sensors at high warp factors.
Dossiers are now online, as reported by TrekMovie.com, "has spaces for 17 total ‘Dosiers’ with five currently showing. Each dosier has details on one character or ship, with an image."  Also included in the update is a "bridge tour" and a new "Project Enterprise" model page.  The new updates rate a "10" on the "Cool Factor" gauge.  With April being the last month before the release, we are sure to see more updates of this magnitude this month.
Visit Star Trek Movie's official site here to find out more.  Also, TrekMovie.com has some great updates daily for all your Star Trek Movie news needs.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rockband Boldly Goes

Immediate Release:

MTV Games and Paramount Pictures Take STAR TREK Where No Man Has Gone Before!

Visit the Official Rockband Site here to find out more and register to win!

Check-out TREKWEBMASTER.COM for links and information.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Star Trek Movie Trailer No. 3 Boldly Goes and Breaks Existing Records

As reported today, March 11, 2009, J.J. Abrams new "Trailer No. 3," for the new upcoming "Star Trek Movie," had more than 1.8 million downloads in the first 24 hours during its initial run on Apple.com.

Trailer No. 3, has earned the ranking of "the most popular HD download ever on the site with more than five million downloads in its first five days," as evidenced by download statistics and report channels.

The record-breaking event marks a special milestone which solidifies "Star Trek Movie" as a potential block-buster prediction indeed! The third trailer features more cinematic clips from the movie, contains new scoring , and available in HD formats of 1080p, 720p, and 480p.

This is more than a movie, it's "The Future."

Go to Apple.com, Star Trek Movie Official Site, or Trekwebmaster to view the record-breaking trailer.

Fascinating indeed.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Star Trek Movie Trailer No. 3 - OUT NOW!

This new trailer from Star Trek Movie, which is number 3 so far, really fires-up my engines.  This trailer delivers everything we expect, hopefully, from the new Trek movie.  From watching the 2 minute or so trailer, it really has me going, especially with daily updates from TrekMovie.com.  This new Star Trek Movie, due out on May 8, 2009, will certainly be the film to see this year, if not of the decade.  I really expect this film to follow in the tradition of a "block-buster" film and break records.
I really have a good feeling about this film and from what I have seen in the trailers, it will definitely deliver.  Check out the Trailer No. 3 at the Trekwebmaster site.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If you are a webmaster and love Star Trek...This is for you!

Dear Trek Fans and Friends:
If you love Star Trek and have a website you are the webmaster of, then this message is for YOU!
Paramount and Star Trek have this great program for webmasters who love Star Trek:  The Paramount Star Trek Movie Webmaster Program!
"Beam Up" and join the great crew at the link below.
Be sure to read the rules and all that other good stuff!

Trekwebmaster Blog now on Twitter!

Trekwebmaster is now on Twitter! Check us out either by going to http://twitter.com/trekwebmaster or the see Twitter Updates to the right!


Friday, February 13, 2009


Friday, January 9, 2009

CES Convention in Las Vegas displays Star Trek Movie Props

New Star Trek Movie Props on Display at this year’s CES Convention in Las Vegas!
Lenovo, one of the marketing partners on STAR TREK, will be displaying three original props from the upcoming feature film at this years CES Convention in Las Vegas. Included in this display are Kirk’s Communicator, Uhura’s Communications Unit and Bones’ Medical Tricorder.
Visitors can view these props in front of the AquaKnox restaurant at the Venetian Hotel starting tonight at 6pm (Wednesday, January 7th) through midnight (12am) on Friday, January 9th.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Post of 2009 - A Wee Bit Late!

Happy New Year Trek Fans!
I realize this post is a "wee bit" late as I am currently recuperating from a long and tiring holiday season.  By the way, TREKWEBMASTER.COM has some great news.  TREKWEBMASTER.COM is now a mirror for STAR TREK PHASE II!
Currently available from STAR TREK PHASE II is the long-awaited episode titled "Blood and Fire," Part One by David Gerrold.  This first part of two is a great story chocked-full of great story points and fabulous special effects.  The great folks at STP2 just keep getting better!  I can't wait to see Part Two due out soon.
Please check back for more great STAR TREK news and updates!

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