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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Star Trek Phase II Announces Release of "Blood and Fire!"

"Star Trek Phase II", formerly known as, "Star Trek New Voyages, " announced the release schedule of the, much awaited two-part episode, "Blood and Fire." The first of two parts, will become available for viewing December 20, 2008!

Cawley Entertainment announces: "'Blood and Fire: part One', will be released on December 20, 2008 as a holiday gift to fans. The fourth episode completed by Star Trek: New Voyages, and the first produced under the Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II moniker, “Blood and Fire” was written by Carlos Pedraza and David Gerrold, based on an original TNG script by David Gerrold," which will undoubtedly be the greatest "stocking stuffer" any "Star Trek" fan could receive...early!

Cawley Entertainment also says: "The horrific story finds a battle damaged Enterprise caught between an incurable contagion that threatens to overrun the galaxy, the pull of a dying star, and Klingons poised to attack. Like all of the best Star Trek episodes, “Blood and Fire” finds the Enterprise crew facing their own human fears and failings as they have to weigh the costs and decide how much personal risk to take in order to save the people around them."

Also mentioned by Cawley Entertainment, was that "Gerrold wrote the story of contagion as a metaphor for the AIDS pandemic and the episode is dedicated to the gifted Star Trek alumni the world has lost to the disease: William Ware Thesis, Mike Minor and Merritt Butrick. It was also Gerrold’s intention to challenge the apathy of the public regarding the small sacrifice, yet far reaching power, of blood donations. Based on an original TNG script that was shelved because of the mention of a gay crewman aboard the Enterprise, 'Blood and Fire' for Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II honors Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a non-judgmental future with the inclusion of a gay couple as part of the principle action of the story."

The backstory of this particular episode challenges even the most apathetic bystander to become vocal about important social issues, even when no one else is voicing concerns.

Very important topics, indeed.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Trekwebmaster Comment on SykoNews!

Dear SykoNews:

I have noticed this as well, but I "chalk it up" to "dynamic effects" of running a major viral marketing campaign.I am in the Webmaster program and it is a joy to be involved in something as major as a new Star Trek movie, it helps to "hone my skills" as a webmaster first, and a journalist, second.

That's just how "viral marketing campaigns" work, you have to go with the flow of things. Rest assured, there were alot of people who were in the webmaster program that didn't need to be, like news media folks, which kept asking this or that.I would have shut the board down too since Trek fans have always been notorious about "flaming."

I think the best run message forum which has anything to do with Star Trek these days has to be the great forum at Star Trek Phase II, formerly New Voyages. These guys are very professional and police this board with the tenacity of Captain Kirk, they miss nothing.

I want this movie to be successful and even though I have reservations about the new design of the famous NCC-1701, I will support it with my limited webmastering. We don't have to agree to work well together and I would rather be a part of something like this major motion picture than not.

Don't call me a "trekkie," but call me a "trekker," I really don't like the former, I prefer the latter, but in any event, I support all things Star Trek.

Amazing isn't it?

You will see me on the front row at the movies on the 8th of May in 2009! That's a given. But suffice it to say, I will be looking at the trailer due out in a couple of days very critically, expect more then.



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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New USS ENTERPRISE Revealed - Breaking News!

New USS ENTERPRISE Revealed - Breaking News!

New Star Trek Movie USS Enterprise - Revealed!

Entertainment Weekly and Trekmovie reveal the fascinating new U.S.S. Enterprise from the upcoming Star Trek movie, due out May 8, 2009.

Director J.J. Abrams has a new vision for the course set for “Star Trek,” than what the usual “Trek” fan or anyone familiar with the series, which began in the late 1960’s, would assume. J.J., does indeed “boldly go” where no director has gone before, to foretell of a “fascinating” and successful “reboot” of this still great franchise.

“Don’t grieve, Admiral, it is only logical,” seems to be the message behind the message, at first look of a new U.S.S. Enterprise; a stunning example of “fresh minds,” looking at a franchise, which had suffered from “branding of an era,” from a new perspective.

A “new look” for this famous starship features very modern stylistics, which are more canon than one would think. Just think back to the “Phase II” study model, and suddenly the details jump out at you, it is very “fresh,” and a much needed change, indeed.


Source: http://popwatch.ew.com/popwatch/2008/11/star-trek-first.html

Friday, September 26, 2008

Star Trek Phase II Posters

Star Trek Phase II releases 19 new posters about upcoming episodes! A great tribute to the popular series and spectacular artwork.

Star Trek Phase II Posters


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Star Trek Phase II - Sneak Peek of "Blood and Fire"

Keep your hailing frequencies open and tune to Star Trek Phase II for the long-awaited for episode titled "Blood and Fire."

Click here to view the "Sneak Peek" of "Blood and Fire."


Thursday, August 28, 2008

NEW "Phase II" USS Enterprise!

Sneak Peek of the NEW USS Enterprise!

A NEW USS Enterprise is proudly on display at Star Trek Phase II, formerly "Star Trek New Voyages," representing the changes and refit after the first 5 year mission.

Here is a link to Star Trek Phase II, which features photos of the famous starship, USS Enterprise, NCC-1701, after a major refit.


Monday, August 18, 2008

USS Farragut - ANIMATED!

Farragut Films announce plans for new animated series!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Lexington 1709

Lexington 1709 releases first scene of pilot "All in the Appearances." Forum members at Star Trek Phase II confirm the pilot as having "received awesome reviews," during a showing at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas!

Lexington 1709 on YouTube is here.


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