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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Trekwebmaster Comment on SykoNews!

Dear SykoNews:

I have noticed this as well, but I "chalk it up" to "dynamic effects" of running a major viral marketing campaign.I am in the Webmaster program and it is a joy to be involved in something as major as a new Star Trek movie, it helps to "hone my skills" as a webmaster first, and a journalist, second.

That's just how "viral marketing campaigns" work, you have to go with the flow of things. Rest assured, there were alot of people who were in the webmaster program that didn't need to be, like news media folks, which kept asking this or that.I would have shut the board down too since Trek fans have always been notorious about "flaming."

I think the best run message forum which has anything to do with Star Trek these days has to be the great forum at Star Trek Phase II, formerly New Voyages. These guys are very professional and police this board with the tenacity of Captain Kirk, they miss nothing.

I want this movie to be successful and even though I have reservations about the new design of the famous NCC-1701, I will support it with my limited webmastering. We don't have to agree to work well together and I would rather be a part of something like this major motion picture than not.

Don't call me a "trekkie," but call me a "trekker," I really don't like the former, I prefer the latter, but in any event, I support all things Star Trek.

Amazing isn't it?

You will see me on the front row at the movies on the 8th of May in 2009! That's a given. But suffice it to say, I will be looking at the trailer due out in a couple of days very critically, expect more then.



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