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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Star Trek Movie Trailer No. 3 - OUT NOW!

This new trailer from Star Trek Movie, which is number 3 so far, really fires-up my engines.  This trailer delivers everything we expect, hopefully, from the new Trek movie.  From watching the 2 minute or so trailer, it really has me going, especially with daily updates from TrekMovie.com.  This new Star Trek Movie, due out on May 8, 2009, will certainly be the film to see this year, if not of the decade.  I really expect this film to follow in the tradition of a "block-buster" film and break records.
I really have a good feeling about this film and from what I have seen in the trailers, it will definitely deliver.  Check out the Trailer No. 3 at the Trekwebmaster site.

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