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Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Post of 2009 - A Wee Bit Late!

Happy New Year Trek Fans!
I realize this post is a "wee bit" late as I am currently recuperating from a long and tiring holiday season.  By the way, TREKWEBMASTER.COM has some great news.  TREKWEBMASTER.COM is now a mirror for STAR TREK PHASE II!
Currently available from STAR TREK PHASE II is the long-awaited episode titled "Blood and Fire," Part One by David Gerrold.  This first part of two is a great story chocked-full of great story points and fabulous special effects.  The great folks at STP2 just keep getting better!  I can't wait to see Part Two due out soon.
Please check back for more great STAR TREK news and updates!

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