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Friday, April 3, 2009

Star Trek Movie Updates

Star Trek Movie Updates
TrekMovie.com reports, "The official site for the new Star Trek Movie ( startrekmovie.com) has a very cool set of updates today you should check out," and indeed, you should.  There are many new items that the typical "Trek Fan" would not live without plus features which would excite even non-fans.  This movie is just that good.
From a webmaster's perspective, it is sheer delight to see the publicity surrounding the upcoming movie and it bodes well for the franchise to have this much media exposure.  TrekMovie.com reflects that "One important piece of news on the update of the offical movie site today is that the film now has an MPAA rating of PG-13. This is no surprise as the filmmakers had previously said many times this was the target."  I agree, May 8, 2009 release of the movie, is fast approaching in the forward sensors at high warp factors.
Dossiers are now online, as reported by TrekMovie.com, "has spaces for 17 total ‘Dosiers’ with five currently showing. Each dosier has details on one character or ship, with an image."  Also included in the update is a "bridge tour" and a new "Project Enterprise" model page.  The new updates rate a "10" on the "Cool Factor" gauge.  With April being the last month before the release, we are sure to see more updates of this magnitude this month.
Visit Star Trek Movie's official site here to find out more.  Also, TrekMovie.com has some great updates daily for all your Star Trek Movie news needs.

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